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Biden nominates California safety chief as head of OSHA President Joe Biden announced last week that his nominee for assistant secretary for occupational safety and health for view it now the Department of Labor is Douglas L. Parker, the current head of the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health (Cal/OSHA). Prior to his position at Cal/OSHA, a position he has held since 2019, Parker held various other roles related to worker safety, including deputy assistant secretary for policy in the DOL's Mine Safety and Health Administration; senior policy advisor and special assistant at the DOL; and executive director of Worksafe, an Oakland, California-based legal services provider. Parker also worked as an attorney for the United Mine Workers of America. In his role at Cal/OSHA, Parker oversaw the development and issuance of an emergency temporary COVID-19 standard for the state. California is one of a handful of states that has its own coronavirus-related standard, and Biden has ordered federal OSHA to evaluate the need for one at a national level. Contractors can look to President Barack Obama's administration for clues as to how a Parker-run OSHA might operate, said attorney Phillip Russell with Ogletree, Deakins, Nash, Smoak & Stewart, who represents construction industry clients with OSHA citations and other safety issues. "Under Parker, OSHA will resume the type of priorities and strategies favored by OSHA under the Obama administration," he said. "As with [David] Michaels then, Parker will use enforcement by shaming and issue press releases when citations are issued instead of when they become final. Employers should also expect more inspections, more citations, less negotiating and more litigating." Critics of former President Barack Obama' s OSHA pointed often to its strongly worded press releases about employer safety violations as unfair attacks. Those press releases continued until former President Donald Trump’s inauguration at which point they fell off dramatically. Parker will also likely take the $100 million allocated to the agency in the recent stimulus bill and make new hires at all levels in the OSHA organization, Russell added. Construction industry leaders also reacted to Parker's nomination. Greg Sizemore, Associated Builders and Contractors' vice president of health, safety, environment and workforce development, said the association hopes that OSHA under Parker's direction will be transparent and will engage with the public in pursuit of meaningful input that will help keep the construction workforce safe. “ABC looks to OSHA to continue to be a collaborative partner for the entire industry, helping us create the conditions for everyone to complete their work without incident and to go home safe and healthy every day," he said. Brian Turmail. vice president of public affairs and strategic initiatives for the Associated General Contractors of America told Construction Dive that the organization "looks forward to continuing the strong, productive and successful relationship we have had with the agency under its new head once he is confirmed.   "Our industry has shown America how to safely work during the pandemic, and we are eager to share those lessons with other sectors as we build on last year’s accomplishments to create an even safer industry," he said. In a press release , the National Council for Occupational Safety and Health praised Parker's nomination, with co-executive director Jessica Martinez adding that the group is "optimistic that [Parker] will restore faith in an agency tasked with implementing and enforcing safety standards during this critical time for U.S. workers and families."

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That backlog has grown by 2 million returns since mid-April, National Taxpayer Advocate Erin M. Collins told CBS MoneyWatch.  "I was hoping it would go down, but I'm not that optimistic," she said of the logjam. "Taxpayers will continue to experience unusually long delays. I don't think anyone wants to hear that, but that is the case." Collins had flagged the issue in an April 22 blog post , when the number of tax returns held up for manual processing had reached about 29 million. Some of those returns are paper tax filings from 2019, which the IRS got behind in processing due to the coronavirus pandemic  last year. But much of the backlog also consists of 2020 tax returns, which are still flowing into the IRS. Some of those newly filed tax returns are getting flagged by the IRS because of issues related to recent tax changes and federal stimulus checks, Collins said. One of those relates to the "Recovery Rebate Credit," the line on Form 1040 that allows people to adjust their stimulus payments if they didn't receive all the funds to which they were entitled. Some people are incorrectly filling out that line, typically by claiming the incorrect amount on the form.  In such instances, the IRS flags the return for review — that requires an employee to check the return against the agency's record of stimulus payments. All that can add time to processing a tax return, which, in turn, means delays for taxpayers in getting their refunds.  Rising CEO pay amplifies calls to tax the ric... 06:06 With more than 40 million taxpayers yet to file, it's likely a portion of those returns will end up flagged for review — leaving those taxpayers with an unknown wait for their refunds, rather than the usual three-week turnaround. "My tax person said he was shocked if I wouldn't see my refund in 10 days, and it's been over two months," said Hillary Osborne, 41. She filed her 2020 tax return on February 27. So far, nothing. "I check 'Where's My Refund?,' and it says it's still being processed — I called the IRS after 21 days, and you can't get through to anyone." Osborne, a single mother who works as a project administrator in Tennessee, said her refund should amount to more than $4,400, which will cover about four months of rent. She said her taxes are fairly simple, but she wondered if something about the stimulus checks have tied up her return.  For now she remains in limbo, with Osborne telling CBS MoneyWatch she's been unable to reach anyone at the IRS. "I'm not happy," she said. "I depend on that money." Some taxpayers are still in the dark due to tax returns filed last year, when the IRS shut down its offices as the pandemic took hold. Paper tax returns filed for the 2019 tax year were stored in trailers until IRS employees could get to them. As of March, the agency still  had a backlog of 2.4 million paper returns from the 2019 tax year to process. The IRS also must cope with the unprecedented health crisis with significantly fewer employees and less funding compared with a decade ago.
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